Simple ‘Mug’ Bread
An easy bread recipe using the 'no knead' method

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Simple ‘Mug’ Bread

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2 1/4 mugs Strong flour Use any size mug you like, large for a bigger loaf, small for a smaller loaf. I use strong white flour most of the time, but I also mix strong white and wholemeal too!
1 tsp Dried yeast Use flat for small loaves and a heaped tsp for larger loaves.
Luke warm water

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  • Vegan

A really great way to try making bread if you're a beginner. I use this bread all the time as it's so easy to do and really tasty to eat.

  • 3hr 35 mins
  • Easy




I love making bread, it’s so rewarding! The smell of freshly baking bread has to be one of the best smells of all time. My husband loves it when he comes home and he can smell bread (who doesn’t!) I got bought a great recipe book last Christmas with every type of bread you can imagine inside, however, this is by far my most used recipe. The book is called ‘Brilliant Bread’ by James Morton – if you’re fans of the GBBO you’ll recognise him!

You do not need scales for this recipe so there really is no excuse! You can do this anywhere with little to no equipment. I use a mixer as I have one and it’s so easy to use but you can very easily do this by hand in a mixing bowl. PLEASE, PLEASE, give this recipe a try, you won’t be sorry.

This is the video I did showing the process from start to finish:

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Measure out 2 1/4 mugs of strong flour into a mixing bowl. (I use small mugs as I am only baking for 2 people, use as big or as little a mug as you think you will need!)


Add 1 tsp of dried yeast to one side of the mixing bowl. (if you are baking a HUGE loaf then maybe do a heaped tsp of yeast, if using a small cup or mug, just a flat tsp will be fine)


Sprinkle some salt into the bottom of the mug you have chosen and when it just about covers the bottom, that's enough salt for the amount of flour you're using. Tip that into the bowl as well but at the opposite side to the yeast. (Salt kills yeast when in direct contact).


Mix the salt at one side and the yeast at the other to combine it with the flour, then pour 1 mug of luke warm into the mixing bowl - make sure it's luke warm and not too hot!


If doing this by hand wet your hands a little and mix the dough until it comes together in a sticky ball - this is a wet dough mixture so it WILL be sticky.

If you are using a mixer then put the dough hook attachment on the mixer and turn it on to a low setting and combine until it comes together into a sticky ball.

30 mins

Autolyse (instead of kneading)

Once the dough is combined leave it in the mixing bowl and cover with clingfilm or with the silicone lid if you have a KitchenAid mixer and let it sit for 30 mins. Once the 30 mins is up, wet your fingers a little, slide your fingers under the dough and fold it over on itself (almost like folding it in half) move the bowl a quarter turn and do the same again. Repeat this process until all the air has been knocked out of the dough and it forms a neater ball shape.

1 hour

Cover the dough again and let it prove for another hour until noticeably bigger in size (usually doubled in size) - If you need to go out you can put the dough in the fridge at this point which just slows everything down, it can be in the fridge for 8-12 hours if needed.

1 hour

Once proved you can then shape the bread. I tend to use a baton shaped bread basket for this but you can just as easily shape your bread into any shape you want and just leave it on a baking tray to prove before baking.

You want to create a nice tight skin on the loaf, this is how you get a good crust. (please see the video at the top of the page for how I shape my bread).

Leave to prove again for another hour - it will double in size

35 mins


20 mins before the bread is ready to bake, pre heat the oven to 210ºC (fan).

If you haven't used a bread basket and your loaf is already on a baking tray, score the top of the loaf anyway you like and place the tray in the oven. If you have used a proving basket, gently tip the dough out onto a baking tray, score the top of the loaf and then place the baking tray into the oven.

The bread takes about 35 mins to cook but always tap on the bottom of the loaf to check if it sounds hollow. If it does, it's ready!


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